Our Approach Today Lay Foundations for the Future

Consulting Engineering Services since 1996.


Consulting Engineers Expertise

Selatile-Moloi Consulting Engineers (SMCE) offer sustainable engineering, environmental and project management services aimed primarily at addressing the aspirations and needs of the previously disadvantaged communities


SMCE Consulting Engineers Standards and Quality

In pursuing our objectives Selatile-Moloi Consulting Engineers, however, are conscious of the need to avoid compromising or sacrificing those technological parameters which are crucial, essential and indispensable to achieving a product that assures sustainability, economy and durability.


Selatile-Moloi Consulting Engineers, Approach

SMCE, subscribes to the following approach on implementation of consulting engineering projects/services:

  • professional integrity
  • implementation cost effectiveness
  • past experience
  • completion within budget
  • innovative conceptualisation
  • quality assurance
  • service delivery
  • guaranteed performance
  • participation and involvement of stakeholders

Appropriate Engineering Technology

Selatile-Moloi Consulting Engineers (SMCE) is particularly proud of the wealth of engineering experience and expertise it offers in the areas of labour intensive/community based approaches and development of small scale contractors (SMME’S), which two areas are relevant and play a crucial catalytic role in the shaping and restructuring of the new South Africa. Our personnel in this field possess a combined experience of more than 40 years.

Target Groups

Of prime concern to our organization is the accruement of maximum benefits for the targeted communities on all projects intended to attain their socio economic enhancement.

A common identity with these communities ensures facilitation of the attainment of the above expressed goals.

Working with SMCE

Consulting Engineering Services